Say hello to 5 raw ingredients!

oats, pecans, coconut, almonds, and local honey- that’s it.

MY STORY … as written and told by my daughter

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I was standing in a subway station in New York City embracing another whirlwind day as a young workaholic much devoted to Diet Coke advertising, when suddenly I was on the ground like a ton of bricks. Anxiety attacks can creep up on all of us, especially when we don’t take care of our bodies. What we eat directly influences our brains, how we function throughout the day and how we face our challenges. And unsurprisingly, drinking 12 Diet Cokes a day did not help me overcome stress, but instead provoked it. This experience was my first sign that it might be time to leave New York behind and start a new chapter in my life. So, I took my big risk, quit my job, and moved to DC to marry my husband Patrick and work in the non-profit sector. I began a new path for myself that was built around family, and it was drastically different and immensely more meaningful than the busy, claustrophobic, unhealthy lifestyle I had previously endured .

It wasn’t until years later that my life prompted a second, necessary change. I was diagnosed with breast cancer just before turning 50, and while my friends and family were my safety net throughout, I needed something just for me, something challenging and new that would cast a new glow on my life. I began experimenting with nuts, honey, coconut, and other healthy foods that are meant to give much needed energy to my then limited diet. By themselves, these ingredients were just miscellaneous foods to mindlessly munch on, but together they tasted like the perfect combination of savory and sweet. This recipe continued from then on to brighten each of my days. I began sharing it with family, friends, friends of friends, and then anyone who wanted it. A new sense of purpose was resounding through me as I followed this spark and created my business BQgranola – the silver lining of my battle against breast cancer.  

These key events in my life transformed the way I looked at healthy eating. BQgranola was born out of instinct and risk-taking, and through it I have discovered the importance of balancing family and work (a constant challenge) and of keeping the bigger picture in mind, while also pay attention to the little things. Eating this granola every morning was a little thing, but it was my strongest weapon in maintaining a positive outlook and becoming healthy again. Now it’s a part of my life everyday, so take a chance and let it be part of yours. You may just find a spark.  


My Grandmother’s Legacy, and my Passion.

My grandmother, Carrie Hudson Broers, is pictured here holding me before yet another casual Sunday dinner. My grandmother always emphasized the importance of putting aside the busyness of our daily lives and coming together over family meals, and when I happened upon her granola recipe I discovered a serendipitous linkage to my grandmother.

So here I stand, two generations later, and decades in-between, with a timeless love for cooking, but better yet, for making granola. Perhaps there was no irony in finding her granola recipe, but rather, a tell tale sign that I am right where I need to be, caring on my grandmother’s legacy, and my passion.




Meet the BQ Team

Becky Quinn   Founder

Becky Quinn


Anna Bennett   Strategic Marketing

Anna Bennett

Strategic Marketing

Eliza Smallwood   Videographer and Brand Marketing

Eliza Smallwood

Videographer and Brand Marketing

Eliza Quinn   Web Content and Social Media Marketing

Eliza Quinn

Web Content and Social Media Marketing

Lucia Harold   Database & Brand Marketing

Lucia Harold

Database & Brand Marketing

Lalie Tongour   Graphic Design & Brand Development

Lalie Tongour

Graphic Design & Brand Development